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TILLY - October 2021

I had just taken the plunge to leave corporate about a month ago to focus on my coaching business. As a lawyer, I had always been taught to work, work and work some more. Simon’s unique combination of compassion and NLP technique was a breath of fresh air to my hectic life, and coupled with his astute intuition and observations, gave me some fantastic actionable tips and breakthrough in relation to workaholism and self-worth within just our first hour together. Simon is a delight and I find myself always looking forward to our next sessions together!

RICHARD - October 2021

Simon, I would just like to thank you for your valuable support over the past few months.
The coaching has kept me motivated though some tricky times, as well as feeling settled and peaceful. I now feel more confident with the direction I am going in life. Many thanks

LORNA - October 2021

A massive thank you to Simon for helping me achieve my goal of running an 11 mile off road route in 1hr 49 mins, previously the same route I ran in 1hr 58 mins. Simon helped me maintain a good steady pace all the way around, even on the hillier sections, his enthusiasm, encouragement and patience keep me going especially in the last 2 miles where I was beginning to flag, but Simon kept just ahead of me, pacing me and opening gates so I didn't have to stop and loose my momentum. I wouldn't have achieved such a brilliant result if I was running on my own, thank you so much Simon.

JESSE - October 2021 "Simon was Awesome"

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