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I need someone

How often is this a phrase that comes to us

And with that I urge us to let us find the vision in our mind

that has us help ourselves more

When we are hungry we often find there are choices

We can grab something fast and wolf it down

Or at times we can treat ourselves to a date by taking ourselves on a date night for a good meal at a restaurant

The Toothbrush will be used every day to clean your teeth so we spend time to look after ourselves

Then we can smile to the world and pass it on to others once we are ready and fully prepared

The more that we care for ourselves

Then the more we will build our abilities, skills, and resources

To get through more and find a better way

As that is what we want most times

To find our better way

Learn what works, and what doesn't

And look after ourselves

So we take the right action based on our choices that care for ourselves

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jack Sger
jack Sger
May 30

The article is rich in thoughts and feelings, and the diction is also very beautiful.jilivip


Mr Chips
Mr Chips
Apr 06

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