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Let's Be Real

I am reserved and I have a shy and introverted side

It is important for us to know who we are, and to be vulnerable with that

So we can then use all our resources to our benefit to take us forwards

On the journey that we want

If we can be completely honest about who we are

Then we can both know what we are best at

As well as opening up to where we need other people or resources

And with that complete set of tools we are able to complete the circle

So often we see admitting parts of our personality

As a weakness

And I cannot promise you that you are only going to find those

Who will fit in with you

There will always be something that or someone who looks to knock you

And you may want to ask me why is that

To which I will ask you to consider

Why would it not be? That is how life is

The knocks show your strength and build out that character

So we stand up to exactly who we are

And you grow and develop

From that point we find exactly who we want to be as well

If anyone wants to bring us down

Then that is so frequently to hide their own weaknesses

And we can be fully aware that we are working on ourselves

With what is aligned for us

Knowing who we are

We can know where we want to go

We are unique and authentic

We are simply incredible

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