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Love Is...

This week we are going to take a look at Love

Love is....

One of those important four letter words

That can mean so much

Bringing with it a wealth of happiness

As well as the potential to take us to a point of hurt

There are so many cliches here

That can be thrown around

And yet love is very much a topic that is way more important than merely throwing around

It is where the serious stuff starts

Love is...Romantically all about giving

It is reaching the point where we open up

Right here we have to become vulnerable

In some ways we can be venerable

The biggest feelings start from the self

Allowing us to build that intensity

To send out to friends, our tribes, our comminities, and wider

Making a small change to touch so many

Who has been through romantic Love and come out with no hurt

All reasonable adults will feel at this point exactly

How much there is when Love is lost

Yet do we see this correctly

Is the Love lost?

The hurt is our reading of love that we send out

Being rejected or not accepted by our intended receiver

So why do we hurt? We still have the feeling of Love inside us

And it is that powerful emotion that should matter most to us

Our Ego gets hurt by rejection

And we can get knocked off our path in this space

So if we can focus on to the true feelings of Love

We can push our shoulders back

Raise our head high

Allow our eyes to shine

With the knowledge that we hold the Love

We have learnt to carry and hold the Love

So when the right person comes into our life

Then we have that there

Our finger on the trigger at the appropriate time

To allow that Romantic Love to be received by a Valued Recipient

Love is feeling alive for whatever we see as truly special

Knowing this is different from liking, or in deed the early stages of in love

This is about bonding and building

And with over 7 billion people in the world

We can rest easy that there is at least one person

Out there someone will be a perfect recipient for our Romantic Love

Meantime lets capture the Love we can find in everything around our day to day journey

The things that make us smile, make us laugh, the person serving us a coffee or checking our goods at the supermarket

With so many variations of loving feelings

We have the ability to feel that fuzzy feeling it brings with the happiness

In many ways and directions

So we can share the love and be connected to our world

Today I urge you to open up even more than you already do

Finding new ways to feel your Love

Showing your Love to new things and people

Keeping Love as the most important four letter word in our Life

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