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Everyone needs Bugs Bunny and King Arthur

We all like characters in stories And in cartoons

The heroes and the wild playful ones

Well this week I have faced self talk and when looking inside here is what was going on in summary

The leader in me showing up to change the world, to make a difference to lives is king Arthur Plate armour on, shield and huge broadsword in hand Taking momentum and huge strides forward so the very ground shakes

The king is defiant in the progress being made

However it's not quite that simple Up pops a pesky Wabbit

Bugs is there as leader of all his looney tunes friends He is playful and knock around and full of crazy energy to do whacky silly things

He has a crossbow that he fires at king Arthur King Arthur simply let's the arrow deflect off with barely a tickle And ploughs onward

However bugs is a clever waskal and keeps sending off the bolts and arrows

Now what's truly happening here

At this point too much has been taken up with the serious side of business Leaving two key issues

Firstly the energy to maintain that speed of commitment long term is draining And secondly life can lose its fun along the way if it's all business

So king Arthur and bugs talk And Arthur remains the leader He is the driving force for 70 per cent of the time

However he steps back and watches in the rest of that time to let bugs take over To let the fun happen and less serious time to be human and laugh and cajole

Take massive steps forwards to the future, however allow ourselves small Skippy steps where we be ourselves in the impression of the huge boot print

Both serve our life fulfillment And both are needed for the most successful life

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