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Lets restart our relationship with Health, taking that journey from right now today

When we see the word health what goes through our body?

Where are we with our health?

How happy are we with how we feel about our health on a day to day basis?

For me when I have performed too little exercise, or I have been eating the poor types of food

Then my body will let me know and I will feel heavy, and quickly lose my breath

At the same time I feel less fulfilled; my skin loses radiance, my eyes dull, my brain patterns slow

Now I am sure I hear you say yes that is easy for you Simon

Because you have your health and fitness

Here is what a lot of you won't know

When I was 45 I was quite a few stone overweight

I was not exercising at the gym

I was stuck with my health

And I was enjoying my food and drink

So the net effect of calories in and fewer out

Clearly led to a position where I was damaging myself and potentially on a slope heading downwards

When we are there, as with any situation, it is tough to see how we can move to a better position

And in my case I needed a big shake up to act as the catalyst

And yet if we start to take one small step after another

We start the next part of our journey

We build in both how we hold our relationship with food, and what we take in

And how we grow our fitness, and what we exert out

With most challenges we face there is no better time than right here right now

To start the next part of our journey

Something as small as a walk around the block

Or book a horse riding lesson

Going for a swim

Or climbing onto a bike

To find your way to a better relationship with your health then now is the time to make that small change

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